library_books Journal History

  1. Jurnal Psikologi Malahayati was was established in 2019, with ISSN Number: 2656-8551 (print media) and ISSN Number: 2684-7469 (online media).
  2. The journal is published twice a year (March and September). The first journal is published in printed and online edition in March 2019
  3. In 2019 – 2021 all articles were published in Indonesian
  4. In 2020, Jurnal Psikologi Malahayati become a CrossRef member and have a unique DOI number
  5. In 2022 Jurnal Psikologi Malahayati accredited SINTA 5 by the the Ministry of Research and Technology/National Research and Innovation Agency of Republic Indonesia, Decree No. 164/E/KPT/2021
  6. In 2022 Jurnal Psikologi Malahayati has collaborated with a professional psychologist organization, namely Himpsi Lampung Region as a publishing partner
  7. In 2023 Jurnal Psikologi Malahayati published 15 article in each publication. JPM accept articles in Indonesian and English. Also, the editor updates the author guideline, manuscript template, and the full-text layout design